Graeme & Jenn in Mont Tremblant


It was literally so beautiful you could cry.

Jenn is a friend of Vanessa's, whose wedding I had shot and who recommended me. Upon our first meeting, I knew immediately that good things would come out of this collaboration- these two people are one of the most candid people I know. Their request to me: Be a ninja. (i.e. sneaking around and shooting away, no costumes though) This one I shot with my father, who taught me photography, so this is kind of a father-and-son thing too. 

Ceremony happened in a small chapel next to the village Mont Tremblant, for the photoshoot we travelled around a bit and finally ended up in a field Jenn and Graeme had pre scouted. Very wild, very Canadian. I'm surprised the dress didn't rip, and it sure was worth it. For the reception, Graeme's family built up a giant tent in their garden, where all the speeches, dances and food went down. Great day. Come and ninja with me.