A Headshot nowadays is who you are to your colleagues on LinkedIn, your friends on Facebook, your followers on Instagram, your clients on your website. Sure you can use that vacation photo from your last trip, but you will have to crop out your friend. And the rim of the beer glass at the bottom of the photo, is it really appropriate?

It's an investment. For the fraction of a price of your smartphone, you will be able to land those interviews, those contracts, those dates simply because you not only buy an accurate representation of yourself, but also credibility. You took yourself seriously enough to invest. And that will be acknowledged by your future employer, your client, or your crush.

It's a big task. And you want to choose a photographer you trust for this. Am I the one? Well, if you really hate having fun, seeing the time fly by and getting a headshot you love, then no, I'm not the one. If you like any of these things, you can contact me below :-)

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