What is your style?

I would describe it as cinematic, emotion-driven portraiture. I want people to look at your portrait, and either say "That is totally him!" or "I did not know about this side of his.". To dive that deep into your personality, I like to give us time. I will use my experience in lighting and composition to bring out the most interesting facets of yourself, asking you to reenter certain moments in your life. 


What should I expect from the session?

10 minutes of test shots to adapt the lighting to your face and body. Then, a flowing conversation, of body language and words. My shoots are a lot like dancing with your instructor - at first, you will be led, but when you feel comfortable, you take over the lead. You can bring multiple outfits for different looks.


How much does a session with you cost?

My studio packages start at 250$ for a 1 1/2 hour session and four retouched portraits. If you follow my Instagram account or Facebook page, you will know firsthand of promotional rates. 


What do your studio packages include?

Retouched photos in full resolution as well as web-resolution delivered in an online gallery without any watermarks, and unlimited but non-exclusive rights to use the photos where you want. 


How much retouching do you do?

Every photos will go through thorough color and lighting correction to really set the mood. I also edit every photo in Photoshop, fixing blemishes, oily skin, stray hair... to bring out the best in you. On request, I can also make structural changes to your face and body.


When will I receive my photos?

I put a lot of work into the edits, yet I also do not want you to have to wait too long for the results. Usually, you will receive the images within 7 days after the shoot. On request, I can shorten that time for an additional fee.