The beautiful bride you see above is Tabea, one of my old friends from Germany. Last fall, she contacted me out of the blue and let me know that she had met a special someone, not in Germany, but in Portland, Maine! "We're getting married in February, and were wondering if you would be interested in being our wedding photographer?" A winter wedding? Next to the ocean? Seeing an old friend again?

It was a 12 hour bus-ride down south, and I arrived during the biggest snow storm Maine had seen in a long time. Nobody was on the streets. But having lived in Montreal, I naturally put on my boots, stomped through the snowhills, enjoyed some delicious clam chowder at Gilbert's (definitely check it out when you're down there!) and looked at some art at the Portland Museum (it was free admission after all). A great start. And you know what? The next day, the wedding day, was even better. Come and join me in the fancy five-fifty-five for an intimate ceremony, then Portland's South Beach for a quick, cold and fun photoshoot, and back to the restaurant for dinner and dance.