I specialize in Commercial & Artistic Portraiture as well as natural Wedding Photography.

Currently based in Montreal, my work also takes me around as well as out of Canada.

My approach to portraits is to keep it light, conversational, in order to let moments take on a life of their own. When you see me at weddings, other than for the official portraits, I blend in with the crowd and spend my time working the most beautiful moments into photographs while you live them.





How did I get into photography?

My dad. He's an artist. Photographer. Cinematographer. And most importantly, a gifted mentor.

With a background in cinematography, my father's images are seemingly simple, yet complex in their meaning. Small things can be of big significance, which makes it possible to look at the same photograph over and over again, and still find it novel every time. In my own work, I strive to continue that tradition.

My hobbies are artistic, which encompass dancing, acting, singing and playing piano. All of this influences my photography work as well. Photos are fluid and lively, as dance movements should be. I will never tell you to sit and smile. Like an actor, I want you to feel the emotions. And just like music, my photographs have many years of practice in them, yet strive to flow and live with ease through the emotions they depict.

 by my father. That's me on the left.

by my father. That's me on the left.

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Since 2013, Tam Photography has had the privilege to be part of numerous wedding days, concept shoots, portrait shoots, ventures into fashion photography, steady gigs of event photography... and doesn't plan to stop. I love my craft.  Yes, there is a lot that goes into a natural-looking photo. However, my experience and personability will make the whole experience feel like a breeze. Yes, there are lots of processes underneath, but all you will feel is an experience of ease. That is an underlying feeling you will see in all my photos.


Tam Photography: Lively and simple.