Who am I? After reading this page, you will have a pretty good idea.


Hi. It's great to meet you. I'm Tam. I turned 26 this year. Finished a degree in - you've guessed it - business management. Born and raised in - you've guessed it again - Germany! And I absolutely despise taking photos. (DISCLAIMER: one of these things is untrue.)

You've probably arrived on this page because you want to know who this guy is. Can you entrust him with your wedding day, something that takes up a whole year of sweat and brain power, an event that is unrepeatable, that unites so many people in one place, people that will never be together again in this exact constellation? Can he catch the exact mood of the day? Blend in to catch candids, be personable enough for you to forget about the camera and just be yourself?

Or can he capture, in a 2 hour window, the essence of who you are at this exact moment? Let the fancy studio equipment fade away, until it is just you, living out who you are?

Can he?

Here's a link to my portfolio: tamphotography.net

And what people just like you have said about their experience with me: tamphotography.net/testimonials/ 

In order to further facilitate your decision, I've collected and distilled all the pro and cons lists of all my former clients into this easy-to read summary table. Feel free to print! Right next to it - a selection of clients I've had the privilege to work with over the past 4 years.

Booking Tam, Pros and Cons

A selection of Companies I have worked with

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Tam Lan Truong working at Judy Inc Studio Montreal


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