Who am I? After reading this page, you will have a pretty good idea.

Hello dear reader. Nice to meet you. I’m Tam. Turned 26 this August and finished my Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship at McGill here. Before that, I’ve worked in restaurants, bars, as a brand ambassador in a costume that looks like an apple, and have sold plastic toys on festivals. I’ve also been a stage performer, having done musicals, plays, and tiny roles in feature films. I’ve also played Riff in West Side Story, back in my hometown Ravensburg, Germany. Yes, Ich spreche Deutsch.

Why am I telling you all this? Because it’s important to know if you want to work with me. As an artist, I get you. I’ve walked some of your path. I know what it’s like to have to look for a photographer to take a headshot of you. I can feel what you need, because I am like you. And because you and me share a common path, you won’t feel lost during the session. Or put on the spot. You won’t have to pray to the heavens that you’ll get photos you can use.

I’ve been taking photos of artists for the past four years. On stage, off stage, in studios, jumping down stairs with music sheet flying around, or sitting between fall leaves with their saxophone. My photos of you will always have something a little different from what you’ve seen before. Something that makes people stop, and look again. Something that conveys exactly who you were at that exact moment. And best thing about all this: you’ll probably have fun in the process.

So relax. Be yourself. Because your photo will never contain anything you don’t already have.

TL Portrait Nov 2018-1.jpg

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